Roller Banner

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As standard our roller banners come with:

  • HD image quality and enhanced durability banner.
  • Super fast set-up system – Takes less than a minute to display.
  • Scratch resistant graphic material with no see through!
  • A high quality base unit which is lightweight but strong.
  • Water based latex inks which are eco-friendly with sharp print.
  • Stable and reliable banner stand which is usable many times.
  • Perfect proportions for design at 850mm wide & 2000mm high.
  • The roller banners come with a free protection carry case.
  • All website prices include VAT (where applicable).

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Even More Info

Roller Banners are a staple product for presenting your business in a sophisticated and stylish manner. Whether you present at trade shows or use it to advertise your shop they are an easy way to make a bold statement about your business and clearly show what you have to offer.

Our personalised roller banners are so easy to put up and down that you can use them to attract prospective customers just about anywhere. Your banner could be used for just about any scenario so get some inspiration from our ideas below if you are unsure.

Trade Shows

A popular way of marketing your business is exhibiting on a stand at trade shows and exhibitions. This is a time where many businesses will all be competing to attract prospects and gather a lot of strong leads. Trade Shows are a time where you really need to stand out from the crowd. You are likely to be standing shoulder to shoulder with your competitors all competing for the same leads so you need to stand out.

This is where a printed roller banner with a big clear message about what makes your company so great or even include a trade show exclusive deal on it. Of course your competitors are likely to also have them so it’s imperative that you do the same, but better. Designed card card-body, your banners can be the difference between failure and success at an exhibition so get the design right and we’ll do the rest.


If you own any kind of restaurant, you want your customers to know what you have to offer inside. Showcase this in an original way with a roller banner. It is an easy way to catch the reader’s attention from far away and show exactly what you have to offer without them having to walk up and read a tiny menu nailed to the wall. With a bigger canvas it allows you to be more creative with the way you display your menu. Whether you include pictures of your signature dishes or include inventive graphics to do with your restaurant theme, the possibilities are endless. If you need our design template to work from just shoot us over an email and we will be glad to help.

Car Dealerships

Got a particular deal that you are wanting to promote or wanting to highlight a particular model of car that has just arrived at your dealership? Or are you offering a great deal on finance? Roller banners are exactly what you need. They provide a medium to boldly display your offer or impress your customers with the newest cars you have. If a customer arrives not knowing what car they are looking for, you instantly insert the thought that they might actually want that car because it’s such a great deal.


Chances are, if you run a charity, you spend every working hour raising awareness for the great cause your charity represents. You can do this with a fundraiser, visiting a tradeshow or if you are feeling really modern, running a facebook ad. All of it though rolls back to one thing, raising awareness. It’s important for anyone you speak to or want donations from to know exactly who you are, what you do and where the money they donate is going. If you are doing a public event, it is easy to do this with a roller banner. You can easily display your logo, mission statement and even some testimonials of people your charity have helped. All of this will be displayed up high and proud so that no matter who walks past your stand, they will know exactly what your charity stands for.

Market Stall

When you sell handcrafted jewelry or fresh fruit and veg, you more than likely run a market stall either indoors or outdoors in your local town centre. The only problem with this is that there are usually 5-10 other businesses also selling their wares to the same audience. So how do you make your market stall more attractive and approachable? You guessed it, a cheap roller banner printed in high quality.

If you have a couple of premium designed roller banners standing tall either side of your market stall you instantly make your business feel more approachable and professional. Of course the more customers you can attract to your stall the higher the chances are they’ll buy something. So if you are not doing everything you can to make your stall look attractive, you are missing out on a great profit opportunity!


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