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DIY Vehicle Branding Kits

Everything you need to brand your vehicle with one of our DIY Vehicle Branding Kits. Prices Coming Soon

Get more mileage out of your marketing

Use the side of your vehicle and advertise your business!


When not using your vehicle for the business take them off!

Different Sizes

5 different sizes, great for cars, trucks or vans

Magnet Display: Side vs. Back Placement

Side Display

Park on the street? Make your magnet easy to spot as pedestrians and other cars pass by.

Back Placement

Is heavy traffic a regular part of your day-to-day? Give the drivers behind you something to look at.

Application Guide

1. Wash and Dry

Clean your vehicle surface with mild soap and water.

2. Apply

Place your magnet onto your vehicle’s door or side panel.

3. Maintain

Clean and dry under your magnet at least once a week

4. Remove

Take off the magnet before car washes and between uses.

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