Fun Facts about Web Design

Fun Facts about Web Design

Check out our post: Fun Facts about Web Design

1) Mobile devices make up two thirds of web usage

So its a no brainer! Get your website mobile optimised.

2) Only 0.5 seconds is required to form an opinion

So make a good first impression! Work closely with your Web Designer to achieve the desired results

3) 86% of visitors want info about products/services on the homepage

4) Forms can be boring.

Maybe this isn’t one of those mind-blowing web design facts, since it’s actually pretty intuitive: filling out forms is no fun. When designing a form, you should only ask for the info that’s actually needed. Also consider removing a few of the form fields and asking for that info at a later date.

5) Call to action buttons are missing on 70% of homepages

Use CTA’s on your website to have an edge over your competitor.

6) You should avoid website errors of all types, no matter how small they seem. Broken links and typographical errors have a significantly more negative effect on users opinions of websites and businesses than people may first assume. Get proofing that website!

7) Images and Videos that Rock

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