Packaging can often be the first contact a customer will have with your brand. So why not make it something to remember and invest a bit of time and money into making it something to remember.

1. Memorable

Nothing worse than a generic cardboard box for your products. As they don’t stand out and look boring. You want people to see your product in its box and know what’s arriving.

2. Eco Friendly

What’s big at the moment? That’s right it’s eco friendly business solutions, so why not include your packaging in this? Plus points for your business if you do so bear that in mind.

3. Experience

Receiving your new laptop in a beautiful laptop themed box with a soft case is nicer than a battered cardboard box. So your customers experience is key here!

4. Build Your Brand

You want people to notice your product and remember your business. So don’t scrimp and save when it comes to packaging.

This is something we have been looking into for the future of our company so please do watch this space!

How to use packaging to build your brand. 1

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